Dr. Parmiter holds certification from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and is licensed with the Virginia Board of Medicine and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


He graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic, Spartanburg, SC in 1995 where he was awarded a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. In addition, Dr. Parmiter attained post-graduate certification in Physiotherapy from New York Chiropractic College in 1996. He has also received certification in Sports Injury and Physical Fitness from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1998.

Originally from Conneaut Lake, PA, Dr. Parmiter now resides in Virginia Beach, VA, along with his three children, Chase, Jake and Faith. When not seeing patients, Dr. Parmiter spends his time consulting with athletes throughout the community.


Throughout his career, Dr. Parmiter has had the opportunity to work on a wide range of elite athletes - from Olympic gold medalists to MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and NCAA players.



Dr. Parmiter testimonials PRIOR to starting Parmiter Consulting.


The following testimonials were received throughout Dr. Parmiter's career while practicing as a sports chiropractor.  The patients listed are in no way promoting Parmiter Consulting, as it did not exist at the time of their writings.  They are included solely as examples of his care and experience.   

LaShawn Merritt

Track and Field, 3X Olympic Gold Medalist, (400m) 9X World Champion

“My chiropractic experience has been wonderful.  Being that I am a track athlete (sprinter), I do a lot of pounding on the track.  This causes my lower back to hurt constantly.  This also causes my bones to move out of position.  Before I started seeing Dr. Parmiter, I always had problems with my lower back.  Now it hardly ever bothers me.  Dr. Parmiter is one of the nicest guys I know, and a big part of my career.”


E.J. Manuel

NFL Quarterback, First Round Selection in the 2013 NFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills

"My experience with Dr. P. was awesome.  I had never been to a sports specialist, but it was definitely worth my time.  Dr. P. is very personable and knows alot about his patients.  My experience was awesome!  Lord forbid I get injured playing football, but if it were to happen, I’d be on my way to Dr. P.’s office.  Guaranteed to feel better after first visit.  Go ‘Noles!  Thanks Dr. P. for everything!”


Heath Bell

MLB Pitcher, 3-Time All-Star and Twice Won the Rolaids Relief Man Award

“Dr. Parmiter adjusted my back and neck and put it in the right place.  It feels better, and I think Dr. Parmiter can help the sports teams in not getting hurt.  He is a great man and a friend.”


Ken Easley Jr.

Former Owner/G.M. of the Norfolk Nighthawks AF2 (Arena Football);  Former NFL Player and 5-time Pro Bowl selection, 2017 NFL Hall of Fame Inductee

“As a former professional athlete, I know how easily one’s spinal structure can become misaligned.  When Dr. Parmiter offered his services to the Norfolk Nighthawks players and coaches, I knew his chiropractic services would be an immediate help to our player’s post game rehabilitation and recovery.  The body was not designed for the rigor and strains of pro football.  The often- unorthodox movements of the sport places enormous pressure on the joints and spinal column, causing minor displacements that prevents an athlete from achieving maximum performance.  I believe Dr. Parmiter’s chiropractic services not only helped our player’s and coaches immensely, but his professional care and management was a tremendous help in producing the Norfolk Nighthawks lowest post-season surgical report in two years.”


Dwayne Miller

2008 Nike Coach of the Year by USA Track & Field; 2004 USOC Development Coach of the Year; Coached 20 National Champions and 40 All-Americans

"Over the years, I have recommended many of my athletes to Dr. Parmiter and I have witnessed great improvements in many areas. Mentally, they felt great because their body felt great. Physically, they performed at a higher level when it was time to compete. Additionally, personal times were broken and some set world records


Shawn McDonald

Former Head Coach of the Virginia Beach Mariners Men’s Pro Soccer 2005 USL (United Soccer Leagues) Hall of Fame Inductee

"Dr. Parmiter has helped to shorten our injured players recovery time and keep our healthy players strong and balanced. His knowledge and techniques are first rate, but his friendly personality and communication skills make him the best chiropractor I’ve worked with in 30 years of coaching. He is a true professional that cares about his patients and understands the psyche of the athlete.”


Brian Chicklo

Previous Head Trainer Norfolk Tides (New York Met’s AAA Affiliate (time of testimonial);  Current Head Athletic Trainer of the New York Mets (2018-Current)

“Dr. Parmiter has been instrumental in helping me treat the daily wear and tear that my players (with the Tides) go through in a 144 game season. His tremendous knowledge and easy-going approach quickly gained the trust and rapport of the players. Dr. Parmiter would be a great asset to any professional team and their medical staff.”


Marcie Laumann

Owner/GM of the women’s professional soccer team Hampton Roads Piranhas 2004 Inductee into the USL Hall of Fame; 2001 W-League Executive of the Year

"Dr. Parmiter’s positive attitude is enough in itself to make my athletes feel better. I particularly appreciate his ‘how you function’ approach to the overall health of my players. He is always focused on the individual, and what he can do to help that person, rather than how many patients he can get through his doors in a day.”


Tony Mercurio

ESPN Radio1310 Broadcaster; 13 time Sportscaster of the Year.

"Fantastic. He truly cares about each patient. He gives thorough exams and works extra hard to satisfy his patients. His work is first class, and his follow-up work is tremendous. It doesn’t take long for Dr. Parmiter to figure out your problem. I have always felt so much better after seeing Dr. Parmiter. He won’t let you leave until he is, and you are, sure you are feeling better than when you arrived. He is the best!”


Ricardo Villar

Hampton Roads Mariners Men’s Pro Soccer; 2 time NCAA All American; 2 time Big Ten selection; 2 time Herman Trophy finalist

“A soccer season can take a lot out of your body. This year, I had two back related injuries. My back has not been strong during the last two years. I have been pulling muscles in my back, which causes spasm and dislocation. A very uncomfortable feeling that has been enabling me to compete for two weeks every time it happens. This year, however, I was playing for a team who allowed me to be treated by a chiropractor, Dr. Parmiter. The treatments he performed on me were tremendous. It got me playing in entire games in which the day before, I thought it would be impossible to even jog. Not only he helped my body feel 100% better, he also demonstrated and explained my problem, the causes for my injuries. Since then, he has carefully been taking care of my back to keep it in place, and make it stronger. The things I learned from these treatments not only helped me on a short term, but also on a long-term basis. I feel more aware of my body, and ready for what’s to come. Thank you very much for your help.”