Why is Parmiter Consulting important?


Below are four reasons why it is in todays society.

1.  There are no 'annual checkups' for movement


Unlike annual bloodwork, eye exams, and dental checkups, there are no yearly evaluations regarding movement efficiency.  Oftentimes, people just assume that the way they move is 'normal', mainly because they have no point of reference as to what normal actually is.

2.  We have become much less active as a society


Due to the integration of technologies in our daily lives -  computers, cell phones, etc. - peolple have become increasingly sedentary.  Additionally, the amount of time spent on theses devices - due to working from home, social media, etc. - lends itself to poor posture and compromised ergonomics.  

3.  Picking health products or services can be confusing.


The internet is full of products and services, and it can be difficult to know what may helpHaving someone with experience to help navigate these choices leads to more good decisions, and less money spent.

4.  We don't know what we don't know.


It is important that people have a baseline as to how well they can move.   Oftentimes though,  people don't recognize they have limitations, because nobody has brought it to their attention.

It's similar to a person that lives their lives in a room with the dimmer light on, and assumes that the brightness is normal.  And until somebody comes by and turns the light up higher, they never really realize how bright it could be.